Who Will Listen to Us?


ESTA operational employees have been negotiating for a new Enterprise Agreement with their employer for almost 2 years.

Negotiations have been surprisingly protracted given all these employees are asking for is a fair pay rise and equitable terms and conditions of employment.

Do you think it’s grossly unfair ESTA staff have to battle so hard for a reasonable wage deal? Ask your local MP to stand up for them on your behalf.

These hard working emergency service workers take calls for all key emergency services in Victoria including the CFA, MFB, SES, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria. They operate the service 24 hours a day 7 days a week taking over 2 million calls per year, providing Victorians with emergency assistance and ensuring emergency service workers are deployed when you need them. The ESTA operational employees are an integral component of the emergency services in Victoria.

Unfortunately the contempt which the State government and ESTA management has shown to them over the negotiating period has been disgusting.

Like many public sector employees the State Government and ESTA are insisting that these workers deserve no more than the guaranteed government minimum pay increase. But as well as offering the guaranteed minimum, the State government and ESTA are seeking to simply scrap several important protections and conditions of employment.

This is despite ESTA workers delivering more to the community with calls to triple zero increasing by 6.7% in the 2012-2013 financial year and with ESTA planning to implement further productivity measures across the workforce.

This means more work for less pay.

State government wages policy states that increases should be no more than 2.5% and anything above this must be found in “bankable offsets”. This is Governments definition of productivity. The Unions representing these workers have a counter proposal for how productivity is defined.

The employees have outlined numerous productivity gains to ESTA showing that work has increased, employees have participated in important technology upgrades resulting in a more efficient service by ESTA to the community and employees have taken on extra roles in dispatching and call taking for expanding emergency services such as now working with the extra 940 Victoria Police Protective Services Officers.

ESTA and Government however have been unwilling to consider these and other increases in workload and efficiencies as productivity gains or as deserving of a fair pay increase for ESTA employees who deliver these services!

ESTA Members

The employees are calling on ESTA and the State Government to stop the delaying tactics and genuinely work towards resolving these issues.

We respectfully ask that all members and all the community gets behind us and takes the time to send a letter to your local Member of Parliament in support.

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