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Union slams cancer report

Firefighters have attacked the methodology and lack of consultation in a cancer study on the CFA’s notorious Fiskville fire ground.  The CFA has previously apologised for using dumped toxic chemicals in firefighting training.

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Eltham Firey’s surprise Wells

It’s great that Eltham is getting a new fire station – but what about some firefighters?

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Fired up over services cuts

Fireys, nurses and paramedics have ramped up their campaign calling on the state government to honour preelection promises to boost emergency services funding.

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The MFB is caught out with resources stretched to the limit. With 31 trucks off the road for maintenance, there is no spare appliance in case of breakdown.

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Troubles on the fire front

While CFA chiefs enjoyed long lunches, firefighters are struggling to keep fire stations open.

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CFA under pump

Fire stations closed, trucks offline, emergency response to the community delayed – thanks to Napthine government budget cuts.

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Union claims PJs supermarket could have been saved

A report into a large Mildura blaze has found that water supply problems, communications issues, a lack of firefighters, and the unavailability of Mildura’s aerial pumper hampered efforts to control the multi-million dollar fire.

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Ambos join firey protest over cuts

Firefighters and paramedics enjoyed strong public support in Carrum as they highlighted Napthine Government cuts to emergency services.

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Mildura aerial pumper sent to Melbourne indefinitely

After three years, Mildura’s brand new aerial pumper is yet to see action in the region.

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Fireys’ fury over mine gases

Expert warnings on dangerous levels of carbon monoxide were withheld from firefighters battling the Hazelwood mine blaze, and many became ill or were hospitalised. 

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